Why become a full digital platform partner?

All members/associates of Missions Interlink are automatically given basic access to MissionONE. This article looks are reasons for subscribing to the full digital platform partner features.

Key reasons include:

1. Help your marketing team

  • Get more exposure for your organisation and opportunities with featured listings
  • Featured listings on MissionSeek and Givehigher: Full partners have their organisation, and listings periodically feature on key pages of MissionSeek and GiveHigher.
  • Missions Interlink Newsletter: Free option to advertise listings in monthly Missions Interlink newsletter (upon request).
  • Social Media Network: Promotion of listings through Mission Seek's and Give Higher's social media network (Facebook/Instagram). Upon request - no charge. Media needs to be provided.

2. Help your management

  • Only full members have access to the dashboard module
  • The dashboards provide visual insight on your listings, views, and applications
  • More features coming in this area. Love to hear what is helpful for you.
mission management

3. Help your mobilisers

  • Gain full access to the Applicant Tracking Module.
  • Basic partners using this module are restricted to automatic applicants created via Mission Seek.
  • Full partners can manually add applicants from any source. This in turn provides greater insight (via dashboards) of where candidate leads are coming from. All applicants are stored online in the one place, and can be referred to at anytime.
giving progress

4. Help your data-entry staff

  • Plug your website into MissionONE
  • Save time and money. Reduce errors
  • The details entered into MissionONE are available for your website.
  • For example: the opportunities and events that you enter into MissionOne can be displayed on your website. Enter once - use twice.
giving breakdown

5. Help your fundraisers

  • Higher rankings on Givehigher: Search results (in general) will show full partners listings before basic partner listings. This may increase your response rates
  • Project Feedback: Donors like to know that their money has been 'well invested'. Full partners can allow their field workers to access MissionONE (via a field worker login) to quicky provide project feedback. For example - they can take a photo on their phone, add a comment and post against a project.

6. Help your prospective candidates

  • Better looking listings
  • Full partners can add promotional media (video and/or image) to opportunities, jobs, volunteers roles and events. (Basic partners can only do this for short trips and courses).
  • Give mission seekers a better experience of your offerings.

7. Help us promote you.

  • Whether you're a basic partner or full partner we want to help your mission work. There are no additional charges to use MissionONE.
  • Full partneship (to gain the additional features) requires an additional annual subscription. Please speak to Missions Interlink for more details.
  • This is a non-profit project. Full partner fees helps finance the promotion, extension, and support of MissionONE, Mission Seek and Give Higher.
  • Maybe you have a donor that could sponsor your full partnership?