Member/Associate Registration

(For Missions Interlink Members/Associates to join our Digital Platforms)

Free for members and associates of Missions Interlink

  • Missions Interlink is the Australian network for global mission.
  • Access to MissionONE is included in the membership/association.
  • Details about becoming a member/associate can be found on the Missions Interlink website.

How can members/associates register?

Contact the Missions Interlink office

To set up your account we will need the following details:

  • Your organisation's name
  • Whether you want to use the basic setup (no charge, most common), or full partnership setup (additional annual fee).
  • Key contact person - name, email, phone (Mandatory)
  • Your logo - square, at least 300 x 300 pixels (Mandatory)
  • Short description about your organisation. (Mandatory)
  • Banner image - 4:3 aspect ratio, at least 800 pixels wide (Recommended, but optional)
  • Youtube or Vimeo video link about your organisation (Recommended, but optional)

This information can be sent via email.

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